Lumint Technology Services

Coded by the company founders, our software loses nothing in the translation from idea to reality.

As a practitioner of currency management and trade execution, Lumint has always focused on building automated processes and smart applications to be the best overlay management company we could be. We quickly realized that the uniqueness of our market and portfolio knowledge coupled with systems design and coding made our technologies special and desirable to our peers.



After a successful deployment of our technology to use in our own business, Lumint began offering our Exposure Management Application (Emma) to other institutional investors in 2018.  With over $10 billion of currency hedging mandates now being run on Emma, our foray into technology services through “Software as a Service” arrangements has been a huge success and has led us down the road of software development as Lumint’s second line of business. In addition to ever-expanding Emma’s capabilities, new projects in 2019 include Robotic Process Oversight, FX Order Optimization and Netting, applications, and User Experience support.


Design, Development, Testing and Deployment

The Lumint team are all former and current currency portfolio managers and traders with experience on the buy side, the sell side, and ecommerce platforms. This experience makes design conversations very easy because our customers don’t have to teach us the structure of the Foreign Exchange Market. Development is iterative and quick, without the committee approvals and red tape found at larger organizations.  Our testing is jointly done, with end users able to see, train and test well before deployment to production environments.

When up and running, Lumint’s model of continuous improvement and partnership supports longevity of the applications usefulness, creating great value for the money spent.