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As an independent provider of outsourced currency management, Lumint helps institutions manage their currency hedging process with complete transparency. Lumint’s team possesses a deep understanding of the subtleties of hedging implementation, performance analytics, and an in-depth foreign exchange market knowledge. Lumint provides nimble innovation from an incubated team of experienced founders who are known and trusted in the institutional marketplace. 

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Why Lumint?

Key Lumint Advantages:



With over 70 combined years of institutional financial experience, our management team can create tailored solutions for the most challenging hedging problems.



Our proprietary technology is engineered to be nimble and efficient, allowing us to quickly onboard customized accounts, significantly scale operations, and adapt to changing regulatory requirements.



Independent from FX market-makers, Lumint’s interests are aligned closely with our clients'. Incentivized to provide the best possible performance and transparency, Lumint is an unconflicted solution to competing market offerings.


We partner with institutional investors to manage and improve their currency overlay processes using our proprietary technology and deep industry expertise.